My Political Philosophy.

“Treat other’s liberally, live your life conservatively.”

Though I don’t know the origin of this quote, it might as well be the corner stone of my Political Philosophy; this is because I’m a devout Christian and thats the only way that Jesus has shown how to live your life. Specifically, when I examine political leaders, I look for those who are humble and are hostile only with hostility. I consider myself a centrist. Somewhere in between Libertarian, Conservative, and Liberal.

I generally have a bias against the GOP only because I find it as a political party that has let a fascist minority with a big voice transform them from a conservative and organized party to a bunch of corrupt, lobbied politicians who only try to please Bill O’reilly and Rush Limbaugh; to me the real leaders of the GOP are those two men.

On Socialism vs. Capitalism, I believe that there should be a balance of both Communism and and Capitalism. Its the reason we have taxes and the reason there is insurance in this country as well as wealth redistribution. If there weren’t safe guards on Capitalism, and Capitalism spiraled into its extreme, then we would see a single Monopoly with no competition; conversely, we can see the fall of the Soviet Union as a reason for the extreme of Communism to be equally as bad. I believe that ensuring that the Bourgeois are kept from become to powerful so that they, in turn, do not having enough power to exploit the Proletarians, and I think that the only way to do this is to have a balance of Capitalism and Communism. I feel that the Founding Father’s knew this when they were making our young country; it’s the reason they made separation of powers and checks and balances, because they knew that a single, conflicted, undisputed extreme of government would ultimately fail.

On abortion, I feel that you can in fact support “Pro-choice” causes and be a Christian, contrary to more Fox news style views. I’ll explain simply  this, in the Bible never does it say to inhibit the free will of another person, never does it say to take revenge against anyone, though it does say “thou shalt not kill”, never does it say to stop another person from sinning –not to be confused with advising another person to not sin. For this reason, though I do think that abortion is bad, I don’t think that the responsibility is up to mortal beings to decide whether or whether not a woman is aloud to get an abortion, the choice is of the womans free will and she is left to be judged by God for the death of the son/daughter; more over, I think that prohibiting a woman from making a choice is in fact prohibiting God from making judgement on our souls inadvertently.

On gays, I think they should be left alone. In my view, I don’t think people choose to be gay, it’s an anomaly in people genetic and physiological make-up and I don’t think people ought to be judged differently because of it. I think that gays are left to be judged by God and I think that they should be left alone and not considered a burden on society. They don’t hurt anyone and, since I don’t think being gay is a choice, I don’t think that they influence societies children as much as drugs, alcohol, and peer pressure does.

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