A Strategy for Critical Teachers

May 23, 2010

Why do some teachers not care? Why do some not bother to teach or answer questions. And most importantly, why is it that some teachers must ensure they’re the master of the classroom, as if, we are not allowed to think for ourselves. This report is a guide to teach you how to manage teachers that don’t care and how to do a little work possible and be extremely successful in the process. Warning: if you are an unethical person leave now.

In looking back at this past year I see a few standards of getting good grades and having a successful school career. They are, be a politician, first-impressions last a grading period, and don’t think for yourself –or more importantly don’t let your teacher know that you do.

Being the Politician

Is it not an anomaly that the teacher’s pet gets the good grades? Now, here is where I must distinguish a difference in between a “suck-up” and a politician. The politician manages their teacher and ensure that the teacher feels as though they are the “alpha male/female” whereas the “teachers-pet” will brown nose the teacher for good grades, the teachers-pet never is able to asses any control over situations and has no influence on the teacher. The politician uses every tool in his arsenal to ensure an A or A+ and in doing so he creates a net of safety that gives him flexibility in the classroom. The key to being a politician is, first, knowing what his grade is and examining what it will take to do the least amount of work to ensure an A. This normally means not having to do homework assignment as long as he can understand the curriculum and achieve high grades on quizzes and test. Second, knowing how to read the teachers moods to understand how she will react to small pushes. Generally, making small pushes that edit themselves each time is the key to manipulating teachers into getting them to push back due dates and wave punishments on late assignments. Finally, you must manage the teacher. To do this you have to make the teacher feel as though they are the smartest person ever and boost their ego this generally involves praising them for answering question that you asked about doing something in the class and softly grin as you realize how easy this actually is, but don’t take this as an OK to be a “suck-up”. A teacher will know if you are and this will deflate their ego and get you nowhere quickly.

When You Mess-Up

If you expect that being a Politician is easy then you are sadly mistaken. You will encounter teachers that don’t like you. You will encounter teachers that can see your confidence and see your ability to excel and they will try to cut it down. I’ve seen this happen myself and I first hand realized that the teachers that liked me best were the ones who I introduced myself to at the beginning of the year, conversely, those who I didn’t pay much attention at the first meeting were not as manageable and those were also the ones that taught me to develop teacher independent factors of control on your class’ success.   This is why you must use factors independent of the teacher, like figuring out how to do the least work and still make an A, and ensuring that you excel in the more important part of your curriculum, the tests, because it gives you the advantage and gives you the ability to have a finer control over your teacher.

Being A Sheep

My final observation and this the most substantial is that it seems as though teachers think that we cannot think for ourselves, they think that we cannot teach ourselves curriculum that they complain are to dumbed down by the state, and they think that we are sheep that they must lead to the light of basic math or science and that without them we would never be able to do such a thing as teach ourselves or think for ourselves. The worst of this problem is that when they see those who do think for themselves, their ideas are suppressed and we are punished for creative thought. This is a joke! How dare they say we ought not learn! How dare they say we cannot have a conversation about politics that the teacher did not instigate! How dare they not answer a questions because it’s too complicated for a “high school curriculum”! And even more, they decide it’s completely fine that they may impose their beliefs and their biases on what they think is wrong and what “ought” to be done in this world. Though this veil of ignorance they impose upon us is also their weakness, because when the impose their biases on you it gives you a doorway to exploit it. “Yes Mr. Teacher I think Obama is a fascist. If I wrote an essay about it, would you accept it as extra-credit?” Next, pretending that the information they are feeding you, with partiality, is legitimate and that they are correct about everything the teachers say makes the teacher trust you and it creates yet another exploitable flaw to use to your advantage. Manipulation is the only way to manage a teacher that is biased and treats his students as though they are sheep and he is the Messiah that will teach them everything that is important in their life.  I honestly feel that these teachers are trying to make themselves into gods that students bow down to. For those that are smart enough to manage these teachers we only have to make them think we are bowing down to them.

Don’t Be Evil

Remember that, skills like these are powerful and were possessed by people who did much hurt in the world. I’m asking you to be careful and before you use these skills to ensure that what your doing is ethical. Because if your good at using these skills and can manage your teachers well it can leave open the possibility of becoming corrupt, though I think that when you try to do this you will fail, and this is because even if you have no sense of morality your teachers still will have a moral compass and so if your going to manage your teacher and be a politician then you have to act morally or suffer losing all the trust and possible teacher dependent factors of management.

My Political Philosophy.

May 16, 2010

“Treat other’s liberally, live your life conservatively.”

Though I don’t know the origin of this quote, it might as well be the corner stone of my Political Philosophy; this is because I’m a devout Christian and thats the only way that Jesus has shown how to live your life. Specifically, when I examine political leaders, I look for those who are humble and are hostile only with hostility. I consider myself a centrist. Somewhere in between Libertarian, Conservative, and Liberal.

I generally have a bias against the GOP only because I find it as a political party that has let a fascist minority with a big voice transform them from a conservative and organized party to a bunch of corrupt, lobbied politicians who only try to please Bill O’reilly and Rush Limbaugh; to me the real leaders of the GOP are those two men.

On Socialism vs. Capitalism, I believe that there should be a balance of both Communism and and Capitalism. Its the reason we have taxes and the reason there is insurance in this country as well as wealth redistribution. If there weren’t safe guards on Capitalism, and Capitalism spiraled into its extreme, then we would see a single Monopoly with no competition; conversely, we can see the fall of the Soviet Union as a reason for the extreme of Communism to be equally as bad. I believe that ensuring that the Bourgeois are kept from become to powerful so that they, in turn, do not having enough power to exploit the Proletarians, and I think that the only way to do this is to have a balance of Capitalism and Communism. I feel that the Founding Father’s knew this when they were making our young country; it’s the reason they made separation of powers and checks and balances, because they knew that a single, conflicted, undisputed extreme of government would ultimately fail.

On abortion, I feel that you can in fact support “Pro-choice” causes and be a Christian, contrary to more Fox news style views. I’ll explain simply  this, in the Bible never does it say to inhibit the free will of another person, never does it say to take revenge against anyone, though it does say “thou shalt not kill”, never does it say to stop another person from sinning –not to be confused with advising another person to not sin. For this reason, though I do think that abortion is bad, I don’t think that the responsibility is up to mortal beings to decide whether or whether not a woman is aloud to get an abortion, the choice is of the womans free will and she is left to be judged by God for the death of the son/daughter; more over, I think that prohibiting a woman from making a choice is in fact prohibiting God from making judgement on our souls inadvertently.

On gays, I think they should be left alone. In my view, I don’t think people choose to be gay, it’s an anomaly in people genetic and physiological make-up and I don’t think people ought to be judged differently because of it. I think that gays are left to be judged by God and I think that they should be left alone and not considered a burden on society. They don’t hurt anyone and, since I don’t think being gay is a choice, I don’t think that they influence societies children as much as drugs, alcohol, and peer pressure does.

Why and What for.

May 16, 2010

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

While I don’t necessarily agree with all of Friedrich Nietzsche’s doctrines, I do believe he was in fact right about this topic. The simple reason why is because there is nothing to be learned from someone who you agree with, only confirmation. There’s no point in pleasure without pain, and the good situations are only made good because of the bad. In this light, I’m creating this blog in order to make a collaboration of ideas that I hope you make your own opinion on and in doing so I hope that you share your opinions with me. Though, I might not agree with it I’ll respect any input you have. This blog will contain any intellectually stimulating rhetoric that I can compose based on my views and my opinions. I enjoy conversation on any topic, ethics, philosophy, politics, world news, Wall Street, and anything else that would be under my preference of composition. Thank you for supporting my blog and I do apologize for not posting often albeit I’m currently a  High School student.